Mary Callicoat

I am building my life one day at a time, going from being broken, both physically and emotionally, to an all new me.

I am a divorced mom of 2 teens, an 19 year old daughter and a 17 year old son.  I teach for an online virtual school as an intervention specialist.  I have been doing DDPYOGA since January 2014.
Mentally and physically, I have been broken for most of my life.

I grew up as an uncoordinated, unathletic, unsocial kid.  Bullied and picked on most of my life, I had no self-confidence.  I went through life, doing what was expected by everyone else, trying to please everyone, but not knowing how to really live my life.  Got married, had kids, went to college, received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees, and worked hard.  The whole time, I was inactive, spent lots of time being busy, making excuses for why I couldn't get healthy. (kids have too many activities, no time to cook healthy, back and knees hurt too bad to work out, no time to work out, hubby and kids didn't like healthy food, too difficult, not able to cook well, you name it, I had an excuse for it!)

In 2010, I herniated a disc in my neck.  I went to the doctor, got medicines, went to the chiropractor, got treated, went to the physical therapist, and got treatment.  Nothing helped.  Unable to get my ear off from my shoulder, I finally had to have surgery, fusing the C3-4 vertebras together and putting a steel plate in my neck.  After surgery, I still suffered from neuropathy and pain in my arms and neck, but it wasn't as bad, and I could move, so I put it behind me and kept going forward trying to live my life the way I thought everyone else wanted it lived.

In February, 2013, I found myself separated and spiraling into a deep, deep depression.  Then, in March, I herniated 2 more discs in my neck.  With the two newly herniated discs below the steel plate, and the other two discs above the steel plate bulging, I was told I would probably need a steel rod placed in my neck. In April, I was divorced, and finally admitted to myself I needed medication for my depression. This caused me to start to gain weight.  To top it all off, In August, I had an allergic reaction to allergy medication and needed massive doses of steroids.  I gained 30+pounds between April and October. My doctor also told me my cholesterol levels were going to give me a heart attack or a stroke. On pain killers, nerve blockers, muscle relaxers, anti-depressants, cholesterol meds and steroids, I felt defeated and destroyed, both physically and emotionally.  

On the last day of 2013, I went to midnight services at my church.  We pray out the old year and in the New Year.  As I prayed, I asked God to fix me, to help me find something that worked, because all I wanted to do is to die.  My kids needed me, my mom needed me, my students needed me, but all I wanted to do was die.  I hurt in every way possible.  I didn't understand how I was supposed to work out, it hurt to sit, hurt to walk, hurt to move, how was I supposed to work out?!  

On the evening of January 1, 2014, I did my normal thing... sat down on the couch and ate myself to sleep. I woke up to the TV blaring.  What was I watching?  Wrestling? This time of the night?  No, wait, wake up I told myself.  I realized I was watching an infomercial.  Too lazy to find the remote to turn the channel, I laid on the couch and watched Diamond Dallas Page tell the stories of people like Arthur Boorman and Stacey Morris.  These people not only lost weight, but healed their bodies using a program called DDPYOGA.  

I tried finding a negative story about DDPYOGA.  Really, I tried.  For two days I looked for negatives.  I couldn't find one, and knowing something needed done, I ordered the program and started watching the videos on
Within the first week, I started noticing I felt different.  After getting the program, and really digging into the nutrition part of it (after some initial hesitation!) I really started noticing a difference!  By February, I was rarely using my pain pills or muscle relaxers.  By March, I was off from my nerve blockers and anti-depressants.  By May, I hadn't taken a prescription for my back, neck, cholesterol or depression in months.  I was starting to see real changes on the scales, in flexibility, and in my mind.  Now, as of April, 2016, I have lost over 50 pounds!

I think differently now.  I'm living life at 90%, living life for me, and totally loving it!